Samuel D. Riddle - Race Horse Breeder, Philanthropist

Samuel D. Riddle (shown with War Admiral) - Glen Riddle

Samuel D. Riddle, a native of Delaware County, owned and operated a woolen mill started by his father, but is best known as a sportsman. His father Samuel Riddle was born in Ireland and arrived in America in 1825.

The owner of Glen Riddle Farm, Riddle bred and raced thoroughbred racehorses. His most famous horses were Man o' War and U.S. Triple Crown winner, War Admiral.

Upon his death in January 1951, Mr. Riddle's will stipulated that his estate be used to provide a hospital for the community of Media, Pennsylvania, the nearest town to Glen Riddle. With the $2.5 million and the 72 acres of land, fronted by Baltimore Pike, provided by Mr. Riddle, a charter for the hospital was granted in 1956. Riddle Memorial Hospital was built, opening in 1963, on 34 acres of land. It was thought appropriate that the balance of the land be used at some future date in some manner related to the health and well being of the community.

The Riddlewood residential housing development in Middletown Township, Delaware County is named for Mr. Riddle and its streets are named for the horses he owned.