Josh Wurman - Atmospheric Scientist

Josh Wulman - Radnor
Joshua Wurman is an atmospheric scientist and inventor noted for tornado, tropical cyclone, and weather radar research.

He grew up in Radnor, Delaware County and graduated from Radnor High School. He earned S.B.s in physic, his S.M. in meteorology and his Sc.D. in meteorology all from M.I.T. After college became a tenured faculty member at the University of Oklahoma.

Wurman founded the Center for Severe Weather Research in 1998 which operates the Doppler On Wheels (DOW) radars.

Wurman has authored and co-authored many scientific publications relating to hurricane and tornado dynamics and weather radar technology including articles in Science, the Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, Monthly Weather Review, Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, Monthly Weather Review, and Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology.

He is best known to the public as the "scientist" in The Discovery Channel's reality series Storm Chasers. He has also appeared in many other documentaries including PBS' Nova and NewHour, and on the History Channel and Weather Channel. Articles describing his work have appeared in Discover, Scientific American, The Economist, The New York Times and The Washington Post, as well as many other periodicals.