Mickey Vernon - Professional Baseball Player & Manager

Mickey Vernon - Marcus Hook/Media

Mickey Vernon was born in Marcus Hook in 1918. He attended Villanova University before making his major league debut with the Washington Senators in 1939. Service in World War II interrupted his baseball career, as it did for many players including Ted Williams.

In 14 seasons, Vernon batted .335 twice, over .300 five times, and over .290 nine times. He had two outstanding seasons: 1946 and 1953, and his career high in home runs was in 1954.

Vernon became one of the games best-liked players, through his quiet style and his unique, charismatic personality.

Over the course of his career, Vernon played for the Washington Senators (twice), Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Braves, and the Pittsburgh Pirates as a coach and as a player. He later managed the expansion Senators and coached for Montreal, the Yankees and also served as a batting instructor in the Kansas City Royals’ and Yankees' farm systems before retiring from baseball,

A life-long Delaware Countian, Vernon died at his home in Media, Pennsylvania at the age of 90 in 2008.