Bill Whitaker - CBS New Correspondent

Bill Whitaker - Media
Bill Whitaker grew up in Media, starting his elementary education at Media School and graduating from Penncrest High School. It was Bill’s mother, Marie, along with Dorothy Biddle James, who were the inspiration for the Media Fellowship House, whose mission in Delaware County is to promote tolerance between individuals of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

During Bill's time with CBS, he has covered major news stories throughout the world - stories as varied as the Fukushima tsunami, the Haiti earthquake, the Tiananmen Square demonstrations, the Bernard Goetz New York subway shooting, and the Salt Lake City Olympics. He has provided thoughtful profiles of numerous public figures, including Mike Tyson, Barbra Streisand, Norman Lear and Gladys Knight. And he also reported from both the inauguration, and years later, the funeral of Nelson Mandela.

In 2008, he covered Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. He was the lead reporter covering the 2000 presidential campaign of George W. Bush.

In 2014, Bill Whitaker joined the 60-Minute News Team. His stories have included a feature on Mexico's drug war, a topic he's covered for 21 years, and Swiss Leaks about the most damaging Swiss bank heist in history.

Since 2015, Bill has been a co-anchor on the popular, long-running news program 60 Minutes