Robert Francis - Poet

Robert Francis - Upland

Robert Churchill Francis, born and raised in Upland, Delaware County, was considered by Robert Frost to be our country's "most neglected poet."

He wrote in "a clear, concise, musical style somewhat reminiscent of Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson”, yet his style was uniquely his own.

He studied at Harvard, and taught at workshops and universities across the country. He wrote a dozen books of poetry and received both the Shelley Memorial Prize and the Rome Prize Fellowship awarded by the American Academy of Arts and Letters.  He lived the majority of his life in a small house in Amherst, Massachusetts.

He died in 1987.
Fair and Unfair

The beautiful is fair.  The just is fair.
Yet one is commonplace and one is rare,
One everywhere, one scarcely anywhere.
So fair unfair a world.  Had we the wit
To use the surplus for the deficit,
We'd make a fairer fairer world of it.

Robert Francis